Falk Panek - Business Coach, Psychologist & HR Manager

Specialist for: 

Leadership in difficult situations, business sparring and human resources management 


Short description: 

Goal-oriented, direct and challenging  



As a business coach and consultant, I support people in becoming more effective and successful. In various capacities, I have been dealing with the development of professional and management personnel for over 10 years.

I started my professional career as a banker. Already in this position I could experience the big influence of different leaders on the performance of the team. I wanted to learn what differentiates successful leaders from others and how to help people to be successful. So I studied psychology with a focus on organization and human resources. 

At the beginning of my work as a coach, I believed that conveying a modern management style or a particular method would inevitably lead to success. This is a common misconception.  

In business practice, I realized that there is no such thing as “the best leadership style” for all managers. Methods and tools are only successful if they fit both the particular manager as well as the environment. 

A particular challenge is to lead in difficult situations. As an HR manager, I have accompanied growth, change and restructuring phases. I have been involved in restructuring and have implemented reduction measures and, at the same time, I built a trusting and performance-oriented management culture within the company. 

Coaching Style

In case you need a nice and sensitive listener to your problems, I am not the right person. If, however, you want to tackle problems and achieve your goals, I would be happy to support you. 

My coaching is direct, effective and goal-oriented. Even in serious situations, I don’t lose my sense of humor. And, you can count on me to give honest feedback, even if it is not always pleasant at first.


 Accounts / Qualifications

  • Psychologist
  • Business Coach
  • Trainer & Consultant
  • Banker