Leadership Training

In our leadership training sessions, we will equip you with effective tools and methods to help you extend your leadership skills.  

Limiting the participants to small groups of 3-12 persons enables intense practice, a high level of information transfer, as well as the enhancing of a participant’s professionalism and sovereignty - on a daily basis - as a leader.

Different people need different methods to be successful. In order to promote authentic and effective leadership behavior, we adapt the tools and methods to the individual participants.

The content and focus of the trainings target specific needs of the participants. Frequently requested topics for our leadership training include the following:

  • Consistent leadership
  • Achieving success with one’s own leadership style
  • Motivating employees through praise and criticism
  • One’s role as a leader
  • One’s self-image and how one is perceived
  • Evolving from an employee to an executive
  • Confidence and team building
  • Leading from the “sandwich position”
  • Organization and time management - How do I organize myself and my staff?
  • Fostering/promoting employees and employee development
  • Delegating, motivating and taking charge
  • Effective Meetings - organization and implementation
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Confident and persuasive presentations


Our 2 x 2 day training sessions at an interval of several months, in combination with leadership training sessions and individual business coaching have proven to be most effective.

Should you be interested in a leadership training session, please contact us to schedule a preliminary talk.