Career coaching and individual training

To find one’s calling and to achieve satisfaction and success in business is not illusory but the result of reflected, focused and confident action.

The focus in our career coaching is the personal development of the client. In confidential meetings, we help you to identify – and develop in a targeted way - your skills, interests and potential. 

Our career coaching sessions give you the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and experience as personnel managers. A career coaching session or individual training is helpful in the following situations:

  • You want to prepare for an important professional situation. 
  • (e.g. interview, salary negotiation, management audit)
  • You are facing a decision situation and would like clarity.
  • They are not happy in your current job situation and want to change that.
  • You want to develop specific professional skills in an intensive one-on-one training session. 

As a result of our career coaching you will feel empowered and confident in important discussions and you will address your professional goals in a more consistent and focused manner. 

Should you be interested in a career coaching session, please contact us to schedule a preliminary talk.


Make use of your potential! We will gladly support you.